Comprehensive. Collaborative. Personal.

Our team of seasoned and successful executives, K-12 leaders, and civic engagement professionals brings together diverse expertise, resources, and opportunities to meet the specific needs of clients. 

Our common denominator is a passion for creating inclusive, thriving, and sustainable communities.  

We are founded on the belief that partnerships are the answer for today's complex and connected challenges.

University-Community Partnership Strategy and Support

 with a focus on K-12 pipeline development we assess assets, convene stakeholders, and create high-impact strategies that produce healthier communities, while prioritizing inclusive decision-making

Leadership Coaching and Professional Development

customized coaching, mentoring, and professional development that ensures organizations are prepared to sustain the work for the long term and effectively manage change 

Academic and Curriculum Development

design, implement, and assess innovative educational programs that improve student retention and learning outcomes

Philanthropy and Foundation Strategy

convening, facilitation, and project management aimed at supporting impact driven grant-making and fundraising

We focus on impact and lasting change