University-Community Partnership Strategy, Facilitation, and Support

At the core of Presidential Partners is a commitment to support organizations seeking to create sustainable, mutually-beneficial, and impactful partnerships that address critical challenges facing our communities.  We implement and support partnerships through:

  • Assessing assets, opportunities and needs across partnering organizations and communities.
  • Acting as an external convener and facilitator for community conversations.
  • Developing comprehensive strategies for new partnerships, including business model and funding strategies to sustain them.
  • Completing evaluation and assessment of existing partnerships and partnership activities.

Leadership Coaching and Professional Development

Leadership matters.  It is a critical component for addressing complex challenges; however, it is sometimes difficult to determine the best approach to addressing seemingly entrenched problems. The team has served as both executives and board members, and provided coaching and development across institutes of higher education, nonprofit organizations, local governments, and K-12 schools. Drawing on personal experiences and practical insights, we provide pragmatic advice and insight into:

  • Leadership styles
  • Change management
  • Presidential transitions
  • Advising board members through onboarding, strategic engagement, priority setting and improving presidential-board alignment
  • Mentoring strategic individuals in developing and maintaining successful partnerships, particularly in the face of change and limited resources

Academic and Curriculum Development

At its core, the mission of higher education is educating students. In this global and increasingly complex world, Presidential Partners supports universities and colleges in furthering and developing their public mission through:

  • Collaborations with senior leaders, faculty, staff, students and community partners in designing, planning and implementing general education programs including but not limited to learning communities, living and learning programs, experiential and civic programs and core curriculum.
  • Identification of strategies and resources to fund successful programs while increasing student retention and learning outcomes.
  • Building innovative academic programs, with a specific expertise in film and media studies.
  • Designing and facilitating international programs and partnerships that enhance learning and research opportunities.

Philanthropy and Foundation Strategies

Increasingly funders are drivers of social change and critical assets for creating resilient and thriving communities.  Important to the success of community-driven change strategies is the alignment of diverse stakeholders.  Presidential Partners focuses on helping to support philanthropy and foundations to align with universities, community partners, and K-12 schools to create transformational partnerships and projects.  Presidential Partners will work with foundations and other funders to:

  • Evaluate funding requests related to civic engagement programs, college-secondary school partnerships, and university-community partnerships.
  • Develop criteria for assessing and scoring proposals.
  • Assess the impact of funding across multiple projects.